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:: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 ::

"Rock the boat, don't rock the boat, baby..." (The Hues Corporation)

On the subject of why I hardly blog anymore...

I could say I never have time... but blogging takes no longer than Snoodoku (and is less exasperatingly addictive).

I could say I've lost interest... but then I would have to pretend I don't check every day for new comments.

I could say all my introspective needs are being met elsewhere... but writing has always been my deepest form of expression.

Or maybe I could tell the truth -- that I'm a hopeless people-pleaser who's scared [blog]less of rocking anyone's boat. You see, I'm different from who I was in college, and I'm different from who I was when I got married, and I'm wildly different from who I was during childhood. I want to write about those differences and why they're important to me... but I feel like I can't on here.

Mild, grandmotherly angel on my other shoulder: "If people don't like you, you'll be sad; plus, if you rock the boat, you could fall in the water!"

Non-conformist, husbandly angel on my shoulder: "Write what you want and stop caring what others think; you're not living your life for them!"


Realizing that this blog reflects a version of me from a different era, and no longer wanting to suppress my creativity based on real or imaginary disapproval, I hereby lay this blog to rest. May it rest in peace.

If you're ready for Bethany version 2.0, ask me, and I'll send you to my new site. Just remember to bring your life vest and maybe a snorkel or two...

The End


:: Bethany Bassett - 9:53 PM :: + ::
:: Thursday, May 17, 2007 ::
"And there will always be a part of me nobody else is ever gonna see but you and me..." (Ben Folds)

A cute Mother's Day note from my six-year-old brother and a big hint for you, all in one!

I love uoy. And your child will be really glad to see me one day.

Can you guess?

:: Bethany Bassett - 12:47 PM :: + ::
:: Thursday, April 19, 2007 ::
"I've been wandering sideways..." (Audioslave)

Yes, I know I haven't written much lately... anywhere, in fact. I would be afraid of my head exploding if it didn't feel so empty. Why do overpriced coffee and warm brown decor seem to be the only things that can coax my creativity out into the open?


Dan's finally defended his thesis, Natalie's nearly mastered her colors, I've recently learned exciting ways to remove said colors from the wall, and we're all waiting for that final official document that says we can hop on a plane bound for Italy. Soon, please? It's far too cold here in Delaware.

Natalie thinks so too.

(More where this came from.)

:: Bethany Bassett - 10:55 PM :: + ::
:: Thursday, February 15, 2007 ::
"And this is wonderful as loving goes..." (Dashboard Confessional)

The Greatest Husband Ever Award goes to mine for coming up with the following shmoopy Valentine's nickname: "Sweet muffiny pie!" (I can see a future with Hallmark.)

Keeping up with our tradition of non-traditional Valentine's Day dates (snowboarding, hospitalization, etc.), we went to NYC this week for a rocking Silverchair concert and romantic trudges through the sleet. Not to get too mushy on here, but I like this hubby of mine. ::Loopy grin::

Sweet muffiny pie

:: Bethany Bassett - 2:10 PM :: + ::
:: Sunday, February 11, 2007 ::
"Baby, close your eyes to the lullabies on the news tonight..." (Jack Johnson)

Last Thursday, Natalie and I made our primetime television news debut... Natalie as an adorable microphone thief, and me as stunned neighbor shaking her head in disbelief.

Stories like this are the main reason I usually avoid the news as if it were a contagious disease. All along, though, the disease has been in people's hearts -- people like our neighbor who forced her son to stand in the frigid cold naked as punishment. What is most surreal and sad to me is that we've taken that little boy in before. We've found him alone in the cold more than once and mistaken the fear in his eyes for apprehension about going into a stranger's house. He acted so afraid of hot chocolate, kindness, and his mother's displeasure. I wish we would have known... but how could we?

Pray for him, if you get a chance, and for the countless other children whose pain makes the news every night.

:: Bethany Bassett - 3:10 PM :: + ::
:: Thursday, January 04, 2007 ::
"I'm asking questions to the present-day me..." (Matisyahu)

Things I like, and why that matters:

Mandarin-cranberry candles
Key lime pie
The cozy sunlight patch just inside our front door
Too-long jeans
Samuel Adams Winter Brew
Iron & Wine's version of "Such Great Heights"
My ears
Cuddling Natalie to sleep
Hershey's candy cane kisses
"Little Miss Sunshine"
Striped socks
Making out with that amazing husband of mine

Because it's far too easy to remember the things I don't likeā€¦ and to think that they matter the most. (They don't.)

:: Bethany Bassett - 7:12 PM :: + ::
:: Thursday, December 21, 2006 ::
"But if I had a minute for every hour that I've wasted, I'd be rich in time..." (Jack Johnson)

In honor of my last day teaching English to first graders...

Me: "Can you guess which country I'm moving to?"
Class: "North America! Australia! The North Pole! Cleveland! February! Africa! The Wild West! California! Island! Egypt! (Pronounced "Ee-giped") Penguins! France! North France! 9th grade!"

Yes, that pretty much sums everything up.


:: Bethany Bassett - 7:29 PM :: + ::

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